Richard Cornish

Richard Cornish helps agile software teams generate more e-commerce revenue with customer-tested design. 👏

Good morning! My name is Richard Cornish and I’m an interaction designer from Chicago who runs an independent design consultancy. Unlike my competitors, I use customer usability testing to focus on the bottom line instead of wasting time with arbitrary design guessing. If you want to generate more revenue for your e-commerce business by making evidence-based decisions, please don’t hesitate to apply to be a member of my customer usability program.

Previously I worked as a user experience designer at Doejo, a Chicago design agency whose clients included Groupon, Pandora, and The Parking Spot. Before that, I was an interaction designer at the online division of the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper, birthplace of the Django web framework. Most recently, I was a teaching instructor at Northwestern University, where I taught smart kids how to make websites. Visit LinkedIn for my full work history.

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P.S. This is what happens you don’t test your designs with customers.